Best Activities and Tours in Melbourne

A view of Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is full of quirky sights and attractions, a strong sense of art and culture, fascinating natural beauty and some of the most exciting tours that can be easily enjoyed via day trips….

The city has something for all kinds of travelers and it always presents diverse experiences that perfectly fit your itineraries. Bookmundi examines some of the best activities and tours in Melbourne. Sure there are a number of must-see in Melbourne for the first-time traveler, but if you’re lucky enough to visit this city the second time or are looking for something unique in your itinerary, this guide is perfect for you. Below we are listing the best activities and tours in Melbourne (and nearby):

Walking Tour of Melbourne (above image)

Melbourne has all kinds of activities and tours to choose from, but the city and its culture is the main attraction here. Walking tours of Melbourne are one of the best ways of exploring local life, finding hidden alleys, uncovering hidden art galleries and boutiques and feasting on delicious cuisines in hidden cafes and restaurants. There’s a reason why Melbourne is often called the cultural capital of Australia. Apart from walking along those alleys and lanes, you can also spend your time cycling and becoming a part of one of the many bike tours in the city. For an entirely unique experience with a loved one, ride on one of those antique Victorian horse drawn carriages.

Great Ocean Road Drive 

Great Ocean Drive close to Melbourne
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Considered to be the most breathtaking drive in Australia, the Great Ocean Road Drive is a must-see for any traveler visiting Melbourne. Stretching over a distance of 243 kms along the Victorian Coast, this drive presents a breathtaking array of sights and attractions and also boasts of having one of the best sunset views in the world. The best way to explore its beauty is to rent a car and explore the area at your own pace. Stop by popular attractions such as the Twelve Apostles and explore dramatic coastlines. Bookmundi also recommends you to visit the Erskine Falls, one of the most magical waterfalls in the country. If you happen to drive along the Great Ocean Road between the months of June to September, you’d also want to drive to Warrnambool where you can catch a glimpse of those beautiful Southern Right Whales at Logan Beach.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne
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Those searching for knick-knacks or quirky shopping experiences will fall in love with Queen Victoria Market, a bustling outdoor market that presents interesting titbits and souvenirs for all kinds of tastes. The market presents an exciting mix of cultures and is one of the best places to try out foods from all corners of the planet. Queen Victoria Market is a great place to have lunch or dinner as well. The only downside is the huge crowd that it tends to attract.

 Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Yarra Valley Wine Tour
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The verdant hills of the Yarra Valley have been attracting travelers for decades with their stunning natural beauty, delicious wines and pleasant atmosphere. Taking a trip to the Yarra Valley with your friends or loved wines and discovering world-renowned wineries, tasting some of the best wines of the planet and enjoying rustic homesteads and authentic gourmets provides an experience worth cherishing. Some of the best experiences of Yarra Valley include award-winning wineries such as Dominique Portet, Killara Estate Winery and Rochford Winery, the Yarra valley Chocolate and its Great Wall of Chocolate, Napoleone Cider House and Brewery, Gateway Estate Farmhouse and French cuisines.

Phillip Island

Phillip Island Near Melbourne
Image by: Leonard Zhukovsky/

It takes a 2 hour drive to get to Phillip Island from Melbourne, but every minute spent getting to the island is well rewarded. The island is known for one reason, and one reason only – it is the largest colony of little penguins on the planet. It is one of the few places that lets you watch the Penguin Parade phenomenon where thousands of little penguins make their way to the shore each night. Other attractions of Phillip Island include the Koala Conservation Center and the Nobbies.

Eureka Skydeck 88

Eureka Skydeck 88th Floor Skyline
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From the moment you step foot in the Eureka Skydeck, you’re taken on one of the most amazing sensory journeys of your life. Within just 38 seconds, you’re propelled to the 88th floor observation deck and presented 360-degree views that let you explore the entire city and its surrounding area at its beautiful best. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy clear days, you can see up to 75 kms in each direction. Other highlights include the scrolling LED floor displays, synchronized lighting effects and The Edge, a glass cube projecting three meters out of the building.

Explore Old-World Architecture

Melbourne is one of the most modern cities on the planet and it boasts of a delightfully cosmopolitan lifestyle, but it hasn’t given up on its old world beauty either. The city is full of medieval era architecture, with two of the most breathtaking examples located within walking distance from each other. The most stunning attraction is St. Paul’s Cathedral. This tall building is located across the road from the Flinders Street Station and it boasts of an impressive Gothic style and fine craftsmanship. The carvings on the walls and those stained glass windows are particularly worth a watch. The Flinders Street Station itself is an excellent example of the city’s architectural ingenuity as well. If you’re a coffee fan, you must taste Melbourne’s most famous brew at the cafe outside the station.

Melbourne Zoo

The beautiful landscapes of the Melbourne Zoo are home to more than 250 species of animals from all over the world. Stroll through Australian bushlands, explore African and Asian rainforests and enjoy underwater adventures to come face to face with Australian Fur Seals and penguins. Pay your homage to the African Lion brothers and meet Orang-utans, elephants, monkeys and tigers as well. Every trip to the Melbourne Zoo feels unique because there is something new happening each season.

Melbourne is one of those cities that presents limitless possibilities when it comes to activities and tours. Spend some time exploring the various pockets around the city center and discover hidden bars, restaurants and cafes in its laneways. Become a part of the best activities and tours in Melbourne, but also do save some time for those eclectic neighborhoods and suburbs such as Northcote, Collingwood, Brunswick and Fitzroy.

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