Best Toddler Friendly Theme Parks around the world

Sea World Orlando Top Toddler Attraction

It always makes sense to combine holidays and learning for your toddlers by visiting those child-friendly museums and kid attractions located around the world. But if you’re really looking forward to earning the title of being the best mommies and daddies in the world, a trip to your child’s favorite theme park is a must.

Theme parks bring all those cartoon-like characters to life. From Disney adventures and Lego wonders to Harry Potters’ wizarding world, there are all sorts of theme parks that promise a special experience. To sum up our Toddler Travel theme, we present the best toddler friendly theme parks around the world, and suggest that you check off those favorite theme parks before planning anything else. After all, there could be nothing better than bringing all your child’s fantasies to life. Who knows, it might also bring out the child in you!

SeaWord Orlando, Orlando, USA

SeaWorld Orlando is a beautiful tropical park that entirely concentrates on showcasing marine animals and is about enjoying unique shows and exhibits that revolve around all kinds of sea life. Whether your toddlers prefer dining with sharks, gazing at penguins, or patting dolphins on their nose, everything is possible here. Kids also fall in love with the Shamu show, the perfect place to see the grace and power of killer whales, and the 3D 360° TurtleTrek, an adventurous voyage with sea turtles and manatees. Don’t forget to check out Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin either. This latest addition in the SeaWorld family has instantly become a huge favorite because of its massive colony of more than 250 penguins, brilliant use of technology and interactive rides, up-close experiences with animals and exhilarating adventures.

Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida, USA

Busch Gardens is a 300-acre theme park which features all sorts of wonders that your kids are bound to fall in love with. It hosts a variety of animal shows, train rides, exciting plant life and roller coasters, and is considered to be a must do while in Florida. The outstanding animal habitats hosts more than 12000 animals, and this makes the Busch Gardens one of the top zoos in North America. Busch Gardens is the ideal family adventure park which offers all kinds of visitors something that suits their tastes and preferences. From award-winning entertainment to up-close animal encounters, this is perhaps one of the top destinations to come face to face with some of the most endangered and exotic animals on the planet. Don’t forget to visit the Iceploration, a humongous arena that combines groovy music, skaters, animal stars and outlandish puppets to offer an extremely exciting and fun-filled experience.

Legoland, Billund, Denmark

Legoland in Billund Denmark
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Because what toddler doesn’t love to play with Legos? Legoland, a dreamy oasis for any kid (or adult) who loves Legos, is located in Billund, about 260 kms to the west of Copenhagen. It is one of the best theme parks for kids between the ages of 2 to 12, and considering that Lego (the most popular toy of the century) belongs to Denmark, you have to believe that it offers something truly special. Don’t miss out on visiting Miniland, an area that is home to 20 million Lego blocks and all kinds of global icons and miniature cities. Whether it’s the Kennedy Space Center, a Scottish castle, the Bergen waterfront or those wonderful Amsterdam canals, Miniland truly does have it all. Your kids are sure to have the time of their life at Legoland, a place that lets them fuel their imaginations and take their Lego skills to the next level.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, USA

Disney’s Magic Kingdom needs no introduction. The first of the four Walt Disney resorts is also the best and is entirely dedicated to sharing different Disney fairy tales and cartoons. The property is divided into six unique areas, with each area having its own theme – Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, USA, Main Street and Liberty Square. Whether it’s to bring out the child in you or get your toddlers to meet their fave Disney characters, a trip to this magical destination is a must, something that must always be present (preferably at the very top) of your bucket lists.

Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo Disneyland feels completely at ease in the company of some of the very best theme parks on the planet. The park is based on a Walt Disney film and has been modeled after the Magic Kingdom in Florida. It is home to seven uniquely themed lands, World Bazaar, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Toontown, Westernland, Critter Country and Adventureland, and has become very popular for its seasonal parades and decorations. To give your kids a story that will be told breathlessly, in excruciating details, and at length, for years to come, make sure that you visit the Tokyo Disneyland and click as many photos as possible.

Nickelodeon Universe, Minnesota, USA

Nickelodeon Universe in Minnesota
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The mommies might find the Mall of America to be a huge draw, but your tots will be really disappointed in you if you think of skip out on the neighboring Nickelodeon Universe while in Bloomington. Nickelodeon Universe became popular as the largest indoor theme park in the US. It is spread over 7 acres and boasts of 24 unique rides, including the very first indoor looping roller coaster of the world. But what your toddlers will really fall in love with is the chance to meet their favorite Nickelodeon characters such as Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Orlando, USA

Things like unique riding roller coaster rides or going from 0 to 40 mph within 2 seconds might not excite your toddlers at all, but the chance come face to face with dinos from Jurassic Park, enter the magical world of Harry Potter, soaring along with Spiderman as he spins his way around the city or a splash with popular cartoon characters in the Toon Lagoon is right up their alley. To take things to the next level, let them step into the pages of Dr Seuss’s books at the Seuss Landing. Universal has its way of delighting visitors of all ages, and its something that simply cannot be missed. Oh, and while you’re there, don’t forget to sample some butterbeer, the go-to the non-alcoholic beverage among wizards.

Festyland, Normandy, France

Festyland is one of the top amusement parks that offers an insight into the history of Normandy and features 30 exciting attractions that offer great entertainment for the entire family. The amusement park is particularly popular among younger children because of its historical theme which lets tots dive into the fantastical world of pirates and Vikings. Your little ones are welcomed to a beautiful setting and a Belle Epoque atmosphere and most fall in love with the Carousel ride. Other popular features include two cinemas, a 3D cinema, live performances, a circus, waterslides, a medieval castle and bumper boats.

A trip to any one of these theme parks is enough to get your tots to behave for months at a stretch. We’re sad to end our Toddler Travel theme today, for we were having a lot of fun planning holidays for the little ones. We would love to know more about new toddler travel ideas from you. Do give us a shout out using the comments below.

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