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Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal

When tourists are coming to Nepal for trekking a very frequently asked question is – which trekking agency, or which trekking agencies, is/are the best in Nepal? Let’s help you with some insights on what to look for, and provide you with a few recommendations below. 

Price obviously plays a role when choosing your trekking agency. When it comes to getting a once-in-a-life-time-experience-in-Nepal, and a safe one of course, the following factors are very relevant to consider as well:

While some of the above factors can easily be found out before the trek, other factors only become apparent after you’ve trekked with the trekking agency, as only then will you know whether the trekking agency and the guide, inter alia, truly did take the necessary health and safety precautions.?.

While this article is not intended to promote Bookmundi each of our member agencies are being reviewed by the customers, after every trek, as only in this way can we ensure a high enough service and safety standard. If at any point in time a member trekking agency is not delivering a high enough safety or service standard we’ll have to take them off the site, until the issue in question has been remedied. 

But, which trekking agencies are the best in Nepal? While we firmly believe in the capability and service level of each of the member trekking agencies available in Bookmundi, the following trekking agencies in Nepal deserve praise and attention (listed in random order) for their consistently high service levels, great management, and qualified trekking guides:

  1. Nepal Hiking Team
  2. Nepal Eco Adventure
  3. Icicles Adventure Trek
  4. Green Valley Nepal
  5. Mosaic Adventure
  6. Trek Nepal
  7. Breakfree Adventures
  8. Mountain Monarch
  9. Social Tours
  10. Himalayan Leisure

Other trekking agency parameters which are important in your opinion? Would you recommend other trekking agencies?

We welcome any comments and/or opinions you may have on this article.

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