Top 12 Things to Do In Rome

With a 3,000 year strong history rich in culture, art and architecture, Italy’s capital stands as one of the most sensational places to visit for tourists. Rome is marked by incredible architectural heritage and mesmerizing panoramic views, attracting thousands of tourists each year who are even keen to explore the attractions of the once glorious Roman Empire and the artistic remnants and displays of Renaissance era sculptors.

If you are looking to visit an ideal destination to spend quality time with your friends or family members, Rome is the place. In this article, we present the top 12 things to do in Rome.

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Top 12 Things to do in Venice

Whoever would have thought that the most beautiful palaces in the world would actually be built on lagoons? Who would believe you if you told them that a city’s main thoroughfare is actually a canal? Venice is just one of those cities that dreams are made of. Venetian architecture and its glorious beauty is famous throughout the world. If you’re planning to take a trip to the most romantic city on the planet, here are just some of the things to do in Venice.

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