Top Wine Destinations in Europe

Tuscany wine district in Italy

There are fantastical wine destinations all over the globe that have emerged as travel hotspots not just because of their food and wine experiences, but also because of their breathtaking natural beauty and enchanting scenery. Europe is famous as the largest wine producer in the world, and this automatically makes it one of the top regions for wine lovers. The continent is responsible for close to two-thirds of the world’s wine production, and some of the greatest wines and vineyards can be found here. We scoured through the most picturesque regions on the continent to bring to you some of the top wine destinations in Europe:

Tuscany Italy

Tuscany is considered to be one of the most innovative and dynamic wine regions on the planet. It is the perfect destination to uncover hidden jewels, and the natural beauty and panoramic sights on offer are second to none. Olive groves, cypress trees, rolling hills, fascinating vineyards and Renaissance-era art are some of the top things to see here. Apart from visiting vineyards and sampling exotic wines, you will also want to relax in those old world piazzas. Tuscany is best visited during Truffle Hunting season (May through September) and during Autumn.

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Porto and Douro Valley, Portugal

Douro Valley in Portugal

They say that to get the most authentic champagne, you need to visit Champagne, France. Similarly, if you’re more into fortified wines, now known as port wines, you need to visit the Douro River area. One of the biggest highlights of any wine tour in Douro Valley (apart from sampling port wines and hopping from one vineyard to the other) is to hop on-board the train that connects Porto to Pocinho. Considered to be one of the most remarkable feats of engineering, this line is famous for offering splendid natural beauty and spectacular journey. Find out more about the top European train journeys here.

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux Wine District in France

Bordeaux has been one of the top wine regions in Europe, and is often known to be the most loved wine region on the planet. Bordeaux has certainly made the most of the hype it gets, but no other region has come close to experiencing the level of transformation that Bordeaux has seen either. Some of the top things to do here include self-drive tours, lunch at the Chateaux, biking around St. Emilion and exploring Dune du Pyla, the tallest sand dune in Europe.

Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont Wine in Italy

Piedmont is a wine region located in Northwest Italy. Nebbiolo grapes are the largest produced grapes here, and the wine is characterized by excellent longevity and deep tannins. Alba and Asti are the main cities in the area, and both can easily be reached by regional trains from Milan or Turin.

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Burgundy, France

Burgundy in France
One of Burgundy’s many cozy medieval villages.

Burgundy gave the world one of its rarest wines and is also home to a fascinating collection of Romanesque abbeys. One would argue that Burgundy doesn’t need anything else to attract tourists and wine lovers, but why compete with other regions when you can simply blow them away. To top things off, Burgundy also offers visitors access to medieval era villages, a green countryside and stellar vineyards that deserve savoring. And it isn’t just about natural beauty, good food and great wine. Burgundy also boasts of a rich history, a treasure trove of arts and artifacts and fascinating architectural gems. In short, Bungundy is highly recommended and assures a fantastic wine tour.

Mosel, Germany

Mosel Valley German Wine

Mosel is a river whose banks are famous as one of the most famous wine regions in Germany. The region boasts of a cooler climate and vineyards dot the steep hillsides, making it a perfect place for Riesling grapes. Riesling grapes are known to be crispier and lighter than other varietals and they have been grown here ever since the 15th century. And it isn’t just about the wine. The towns in this region are also known to offer an incredibly special experience. The verdant green countryside and cobblestone pathways make them a tantalizing option for those wanting to get away from city life, and the fact that the area is close to Luxembourg also makes that region perfect for a day tour.


Moldova may not be the first destination that comes to mind, it may not be the last either. But, Moldova has actually been responsible for creating some of the most authentic wines in Europe. If you’re more into off-the-beaten-path adventures, this is where you need to be. The country is home to 10 award-winning wineries, but a trip to the Purcari Estate is a must. The estate has been responsible for producing wines that have been enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth II. Other reasons you might want to visit Moldova are the friendly people and the exquisite cuisines. The best time to visit is between the months of May – June and September – October.

La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja Wine District in Spain

La Rioja might be a small wine region compared to many others in this list of the top wine destinations in Europe, but it has become immensely popular due to the full-bodied character of its wines. The region is located on the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, and has been producing spectacular wines ever since the Roman era. La Rioja wines are best had on a night-long wine sampling scene in the capital city of Logrono, located in the autonomous community of La Rioja. The city can be reached by train from Madrid or Barcelona, and is truly worth a visit. La Rioja also boasts of numerous monasteries and cathedrals that have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Champagne, France

Champagne hardly needs to be introduced. It can easily be accessed by a train from Paris, and is the perfect destination for an enchanting day trip. Or you could take things to the next level by staying in Champagne for a day or two and enjoying its fascinating beauty at its enchanting best. Many of the vineyards in the region allow travelers to head into their wine cellars that were dug into the limestone deposits below the city centuries ago. A trip to Champagne truly inspires you. The sight of those grape-filled hillsides and the fresh smell of damp soil is more than enough to rejuvenate the weariest of travelers. The click of glasses and the tingling sensation that every sip of the local wine brings about is merely the icing on the cake – the champagne itself district is absolutely mind-blowing and a must-see.

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