10 Places To Visit in February

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that does not mean that you cannot sneak in a good holiday! February may be a good time to go on vacation as most vacation hot spots are making the transition from winter to spring, particularly towards the back end of the month, and this means that most destinations are usually at their beautiful best. Here are 10 places to visit in February.

The Bahamas (above image)

The Bahamas may be a perfect destination for you to gain some respite from the harsh winters and welcome the month of February with sunny sands and balmy beaches. February is when the December throngs have finally slowed down, a rare moment of respite before the college crowds arrive for spring break in March. Sample some of the culinary delicacies as you take in the sultry atmosphere, or perhaps use the romantic aura of the month of February to your advantage with a long leisurely stroll along the relatively quiet Pink Sands beach. Or forgo all the adventure and lay back in the sun after a lunch near the beach, with a mojito in hand and nothing else on your mind. It’s all waiting for you in the Bahamas!

Venice, Italy

Image by: extravagantni/bigstock.com

February is a particularly good time to come to Venice, as that is when the annual Carnival is at its peak. St Mark’s Square is lively with courtesans and performers holding swords and donning all kinds of regalia. Venice in February has much to offer, from dancing at the quadrilles to experiencing the Rialto, to enthusiastically entrenching yourself in old world Italian culinary delights. While February may not be the best time to leisurely enjoy a ride in the famous gondolas, the carnival atmosphere with all the frivolity is definitely worth experiencing.

Sri Lanka

Image of sunset on tropical beach with dramatic cloud sky in Sri Lanka
Image by: f9photos/bigstock.com

Sri Lanka may be a perfect destination for you this February. What makes Sri Lanka an enticing travel destination is its weather. While half of the country may experience some monsoon rain) particularly on the Northeastern Coast), the western coast and beaches stay rain free and wonderfully sunny. Colombo, the historic capital of Sri Lanka, may be a good place to set up camp, as its central location and historic heritage makes it an incredible destination to kick-start your Sri Lankan adventure. You could also slowly make your way to the town of Galle to enjoy its colonial touches of architecture. Make sure you do not miss any of the lip-smacking coastal specialties and that exotic seafood that the wonderful island country has to offer

Kerala, India

House boat in backwaters in Alappuzha Kerala India
Image by: Marina Pissarova/bigstock.com

No list of the 10 places to visit in February would be complete without mentioning Kerala. Popularly called God’s Own Country, this beautiful South Indian state is the perfect place to spend a romantic February with a loved one. Known for its exotic natural beauty, Kerala is home to luscious verdant forests, tranquil backwaters, and a unique laid-back vibe, all of which make the state feel extra special in the midst of all that romance. Accommodate yourself in a houseboat and explore the backwaters of Kumarakom, or drive down to the city of Ernakulam to entice yourself with the culinary delicacies of the Malabar Coast. Explore the Dutch canals of Cochin, or the majestic Erippu waterfalls, or just bring your laid-back attitude and flaunt it as you course through the majestic backwaters of the state. Kerala guarantees you a once in a lifetime experience with its beauty that can turn many people into poets!


Aerial view of Kuala Lumpur city
Image by: mozakim/bigstock.com

Malaysia with its combination of urban splendor and laid-back beaches may feel just perfect this February. Make Kuala Lumpur your base of operations, as you explore the gargantuan Petronas towers, which were once the tallest towers in the world. You could then go visit the charming architecture of Georgetown, or the picturesque beaches of Langkawi. It may do you well to keep in mind that the February monsoons do affect the east coast, but leaves the west coast completely dry and rain free, priming it for exploration on your Malaysian sojourn.

Miami, USA

Aerial view of South Beach in Miami
Image by: Miami2you/bigstock.com

Miami has long been a sacred destination for many a foodie and beach bum. The city is blessed with golden sun-kissed beaches and wonderful culinary masterpieces. February may be the best month to visit Miami, if only to get away from the cold winds of winter and be welcomed by the smiling sun. February in Miami is when the annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival rolls around, making Miami a hot spot for internationally renowned chefs and restaurants. If the food festival does not entice you, then allow yourself to go on long strolls along the aptly titled Long beach for fantastic views of the vast yet beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House at sunrise in Sydney Australia
Image by: RRong/bigstock.com

Due to its unique location in the southern hemisphere, February is when Australia experiences its summer. Thus Australia may be a good respite from the cold temperatures and snow filled days that you may be used to. Another inherent advantage of visiting Sydney in February is fewer crowds as most schools may be back in session, making a lot of popular attractions and accommodations less busy and more available. The very first thing that might strike you about Sydney’s skyline is the iconic Sydney Opera House. Taking a tour of the opera house to truly experience the architectural masterpiece is a must do. Bondi Beach is also another must-see destination in this beautiful city.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Festival of fiesta de las Marga in Buenos Aires
Image by: StockPhotosArt/bigstock.com

Buenos Aires is another popular place to visit in February. The month of February falls in the transition period between summer and autumn for Buenos Aires, which means that you get to enjoy a great respite from the winter chill. Every February, the annual festival of Fiesta de las Margas, a catholic festival similar to the Brazilian Carnivale, is held in Buenos Aires. If you do plan to visit in February you are in for a smorgasbord of partying, parades, live music and good food. Buenos Aires has plenty more to offer- from beaches and restaurants that offer a good taste of Argentinian culture to historic attractions and a rich heritage.

New Orleans, USA

Grand Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans
Image by: CherylCasey/bigstock.com

February is when New Orleans celebrates their annual, world renowned, Mardi Gras celebrations, making February the best time to visit New Orleans. The two-week carnival that occurs every February transforms the usually calm city into raucous yet fancy-free hub of celebrations. Make yourself a part of the daily parades, or enter yourself in a masquerade ball, and be sure to step into any of the restaurants for a piping hot bowl of good ol’ fashioned creole gumbo. Visit the French quarter in its cobblestone paved glory, all while letting the aroma of freshly fried beignets tempt you. New Orleans has it all!


Black rock stone beach coast on cape verde island of the coast of Senegal
Image by: attiarndt/bigstock.com

Senegal is a perfect destination for a good taste of the exotic, in an otherwise dreary month such as February. It has the perfect taste of adventure on offer from its delta wildlife, to the wonderfully spicy culinary trappings of street food, to the thriving yet majestic contemporary art scene. February may be in the middle of a typical Senegalese winter, but a typical Senegalese winter usually consists of no rain, and bearable golden sunshine. Visit Senegal this February to let out the adventurer in you, by surfing the golden beaches on the coast, or exploring the multitude of wildlife that Senegal has on offer.

There is no shortage of places to visit in February, and this list might have just woken the travel bug in you. So give those Valentine Day plans a break and start planning your next epic adventure. Why bother creating a romantic aura or hunting for special candlelit dinners when you can treat your sweetheart to days of fun, love and excitement!

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