Best Adventure Destinations of 2016

A view of the towers in the Torres del Paine National Park Patagonia

Hiking, river rafting, trekking, mountain climbing, we have our preferences when it comes to getting that adrenaline rush. In the year 2015, Bookmundi was focused on adventure activities which offered some of the best rushes on the planet.

However, for the year 2016, we have tried to focus our energies on destinations that don’t just offer a sense of adventure, but are also packed with natural beauty and culture and countless photo opportunities. Here are some of the best adventure destinations of 2016, places that offer the perfect mix of incredible sights, interesting attractions, adrenaline-pumping activities and cultural interactions.!.

Patagonia, Chile and Argentina (above image)

Explore the very best that Patagonia has on offer with a hiking cum photography tour which takes you through the Torres Del Paine National Park and Chiloe Island. Located at a height of 2000m, the Torres del Paine pillars dominate your view and transform this exotic piece of nature into one of the most coveted parks of South America. The natural beauty and wildlife are the most obvious attractions, but the place also has a huge glacier, shimmering lakes and rickety bridges. The park was offered the status of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the year 1978 and it is home to a number of birds and animals such as the Huemul, Puma, Andean condor, Flamingo, Guanaco and Nandu. What makes your trip to the Torres Del Paine National Park more pleasurable is the developed infrastructure, which makes it possible to eat hot meals, take showers and enjoy the odd drink or two, without ever having to leave all that natural beauty behind.

Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada
Image by: ronniechua/bigstock,com

When you have six mesmerizing glaciers as a backdrop, you can afford to have an aura about yourself. Lake Louise, one of the most celebrated lakes in North America, mesmerizes visitors year after year with its delightful hikes, glittery lakes, grizzlies, tea-houses and skiing facilities. Considered to be the shining jewel of the Banff National Park, this turquoise colored lake leaves you awestruck and speechless with its ravishing beauty. Once you’re over your love affair with its beauty, Lake Louise also presents a number of adventure activities such as hiking up to the amphitheater, trekking to the Moraine Lake, considered to be even more beautiful, and skiing.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

A view of Kailua Beach in Oahu, Hawaii
Image by: eddygaleotti/

The Kona Coast Start Park, located at a distance of 2 miles from the Hawaii Airport, hosts some of the most beautiful, uncrowded, pleasing, alluring, tranquil and fascinating beaches in all of Hawaii. If you’re searching for adventures that take you off-the-beaten-path, this is where you need to be. The unspoiled beaches are really worth the hike along that bumpy dirt road, which is also a part of your adventure. Some of the top things to do here include exploring caves and arches, discovering beautiful coral reefs and spotting Hawaiian green sea turtles. Bookmundi recommends you to carry a picnic, drinking water and sunscreen while visiting the beach.

Moab, Utah, USA

Arches National Park Turret Arch in Moab Utah, USA
Image by: holbox/

Mountain biking is one of those few adventures which is sure to give you bragging rights among your peers. Moab, most famous for its Slickrock Bike Trail, is one destination which brings you into the limelight with serious bikers as well. Slickrock is a 96-mile trail which has often been termed as the best and most challenging mountain biking experience on the planet. Moab also offers a variety of trails which suit bikers of varying skill levels, right from beginners searching for the perfect photo-op to seasoned pros dreaming of an exciting adventure. Bookmundi recommends a ride through those mesa tops and enchanting canyons of the Bar-M Loop Trail, a trail that lets you focus on your cameras without ever taking away that sense of adventure.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Ugabmund gate at Skeleton Coast National Park Namibia
Image by: elleonzebon/

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is quickly emerging as the most coveted wildlife destination in Africa. Home to one of the best stretches of coastline in the continent, the park has turned out to be a common gathering place for the local wildlife. It hosts the largest population of free-roaming cheetahs, and it also offers glimpses of rhinos, lions, gazelles and elephants. Much of the area is a protected reserve and local bushmen tribes are being hired by the government to act as guides and show visitors around.

Aeolian Islands, Italy

View of Beautiful old harbor in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy
Image by: Aleksandar Todorovic/

The island of Lipari and its old-world fortress is sure to get you excited, but watching those sulfuric steams rising from the craters of Vulcano and Stromboli are equally exciting. The best way of exploring these volcano-rich islands is while on a sailing expedition, which lets you set your own itineraries, explore a number of black sand beaches, swim in exotic locales or simply stare into the horizon and take in all that natural beauty.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

A seaside view of the beautiful Georgetown capital of grand Cayman island
Image by: rmanera/

The Grand Cayman has emerged as a glitzy mecca for the rich and wealthy from around the world, where they can sip on overpriced cocktails and avoid the public glare. It is full of world-class shopping brands, over-the-top resorts and gorgeous white sand beaches. However, that’s just one part of the story. The Grand Cayman also presents an unexplored oasis that is full of yellow and blue colored fish, exotic coral species and green turtles. All you have to do is head east. Bookmundi also recommends a trip to Stingray City, one of those few destinations on the planet where you can get personal with stingrays in their habitat.


A view of the Paro Taktsang Monastery
Image by: takepicsforfun/

If you’re in love with trekking, Bhutan certainly promises to be an incredibly special destination. The small mountain kingdom is famous for offering a rare side of the great Himalayas, one that is full of stunning natural beauty, steeped in tradition and rich in its arts. Apart from Himalayan expeditions, a trip to Bhutan is also about exploring scenic highlights, visiting the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, taking culinary lessons and interacting with the locals.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aerial view of the Christ Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain
Image by: Dmitry_Islentev/

Rio de Janeiro has always been one of the most popular destinations in South America, but its reputation seems to have gone up a notch in the past few years. Adventure lovers cannot ignore the hand gliding tours from Pedra Bonita which take them to the Sao Conrado Beach within a matter of minutes. And while one is in the air, the beautiful Sugarloaf Mountains and perhaps the best view of Christ the Redeemer statue also looms within easy reach.

Isle of Bute, Scotland

Mount Stewart in Isle of Bute, Scotland
Image by: dejavu/

It takes just 90 minutes to reach Isle of Bute from Glasgow and this easily makes it one of the most accessible Scottish islands. The island is famous for its rugged beauty, exotic beaches and craggy moorlands, and is a haven for those interested in adventure, fishing, wildlife, hiking or cycling. Some of the top attractions here include the Rothesay Castle and the gardens of Mount Stuart.

Weird Fact: The Mount Stuart stately home is home to some of the best toilets in the country!

Every year, the world feels more scenic and more accessible than ever. Make the most of modern-day travel and head off for that next adventure while you still can. Not only does it give you a grand adrenaline rush, it also helps you develop yourself as a person. Travel, after all, can be life-changing.

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