Best River Rafting Destinations Around the World

Rafting on Fort Collins River Colorado

This week, Bookmundi celebrates the World theme to introduce you to some of the most thrilling and memorable adventures around the world.

And there are very few things which offer the kind of excitement that clinging onto the paddles for sheer life while on a white water rafting expedition has to offer. Apart from the sheer adrenaline rush, white water rafting adventures also bring you closer to some of the remotest destinations on the planet, introducing you to a spectacular array of wildlife and sceneries, lush green forests and unique geological wonders. Here is a list of some of the best river rafting destinations around the world.

Colorado River, USA 

Horseshoe Bend Colorado River
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The Grand Canyon is one of the most majestic geological formations on the planet, and despite its popularity, most tourists are not aware of the fact that it is an amazing place for river rafting. A river rafting adventure is perhaps the best way of exploring the mesmerizing scenery surrounding the river banks as well as the delightful landscapes of the Navajo sandstone cliff walls. The whitewater rafting season lasts from May to September, but those looking for the wildest adventures should try and stick to the months of May to June.

North Johnstone River, Australia

White water rafting
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The North Johnstone River is located to the north of Queensland and is most famous for its Class IV and Class V rapids that offer white water rafting adventures through ancient rainforests and volcanic gorges. The rocks are also full of luminous fungi which glow after dark and fireflies create beautiful dance formations through the forest canopy to entertain you through the night. The helicopter ride which takes you to the starting point of your river rafting adventure comes as an added bonus.

Magpie River, Canada

The Magpie River is located at a distance of 375 miles to the northeast of Montreal. Its dramatic scenery, exceptional fishing, unspoiled wilderness and Class III and Class IV rapids make it one of the greatest river rafting destinations around the world. You can always find all kinds of things to do and there is no shortage of sights and attractions in the area. The best part about the Magpie River is that you can drink straight out of the water. You camp on river islands for the night, and you also get to see the pulsating lights of the Aurora Borealis in all their beauty as you look towards the north.

Sun Koshi River, Nepal

Rafting in Nepal
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The Sun Koshi rises from some of the highest peaks in the world to offer a trip amid Himalayan wonders and stunning natural beauty. The river presents numerous Class V rapids as it makes its way through the forested canyons and narrow gorges, and its final stretch also takes you through a dense tropical jungle that is teeming with wildlife.

Futaleufu River, Chile 

The Futaleufu River plunges from glacier-fed lakes of the Andes to offer a spectacular rafting experience amid delightful mountain scenery and fascinating alpine beauty. The river is perfect for newbies and beginners, but it also hosts several Class V rapids that are sure to challenge the most experienced rafters as well.

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

Zambezi river
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The Zambezi River is the one that provides an adrenaline-pumping adventure to the most experienced rafters. Almost 50% of its rapids have been graded as Class IV, and this means that there are always massive swells and dramatic drops to encounter. Better yet, the Zambezi River also gives you the chance to see hippos and crocodiles from up close.

Zanskar River, India

Zanskar River Ladakh
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Start your adventures at a height of 14000 ft. above sea level and make your way through some of the most wondrous geological formations in the world. The region is better known as the Grand Canyon of the Himalayas and the river passes through some of the most spectacular gorges in the world. And there is always the added charm of experiencing the eye-opening-yet-romantic adventures that India has on offer.

Coruh River, Turkey

The Coruh River is one of the fastest-flowing rivers in the world as it cuts its way through the remote regions of the Kackar Mountains. Full of wildlife, the surrounding banks introduce you to animals such as wild boars, bears and mountain goats as well as historic ruins and castles that date all the way back to the Byzantine empire. Since the river mostly consists of high-volume rapids, Bookmundi advises newbies and beginners to stay away from this adventure.

Cotahuasi River, Peru

Cotahuasi River in Peru
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The Cotahuasi River is one of the few remaining old-school river expeditions in the world. Its canyons rise to three times the height of the Grand Canyons and the river also presents beautiful Inca ruins that can only be accessed via the Cotahuasi River. It is full of Class IV and Class V rapids and you need to be skilled at white water rafting for this adventure.

 Franklin River, Tasmania

Franklin is one of the few remaining wild rivers on the planet. It makes its way through deep gorges, beautiful rainforests and quiet pools to introduce you to one of the most adventurous wilderness journeys of your life. The Franklin River also hosts one of the most pristine ecosystems on the planet because of the excellent conservation efforts made by the countless companies that have been offering rafting adventures in the river ever since 1978, thereby making white water rafting a memorable adventure.

If you’ve got a rush for adrenaline activities and adventures, Bookmundi has the right tours to help you quench your thirst. Choose from our river rafting tours to enjoy exceptional rafting holidays in some of the most beautiful river destinations on Earth. And if you feel that we’ve missed out on your favorite river rafting destination, please do let us know using the comments below.

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