Best Tours of 2016

A view of Grand Canyon

Whether it’s a trip to the lovely Kensington Gardens, a wine fuelled adventure in Chianti or an overdose of nature in Fiordland, Bookmundi has you covered with the best tours of 2016.

Each attraction and adventure featured on this list promises a fascinating experience, a thrilling encounter with nature and her creations and the very best of adventures.

The Grand Canyon, USA (above image)

The Colorado River took millions of years of hard work to design one of the most majestic creations of nature – the Grand Canyon, but it takes you a second to fall in love with the fascinating beauty on display. The Grand Canyon is perhaps the perfect way to unwind after those glitzy Vegas episodes and hikes in this majestic national park remind you why travel proves to be so rewarding.

Kensington Gardens, England

Kensington palace and gardens
Image by: IR Stone/

2016 has been termed as the year of the gardens in the England and what better place to discover man’s interaction with nature than the iconic Kensington Gardens. The garden grounds host some of the most iconic monuments in the country and is particularly beautiful during the spring season. Sure, you’ll have to share all that beauty with thousands of visitors on any sunny day, but the trip shall always be worth it. Kensington Gardens is also home to the Kensington Palace, the place where Princess Diana lived until her tragic death in the year 1997.

Mayan Ruins, Mexico

Ancient Mayan pyramid, Kukulcan Temple at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
Image by: ruivalesousa/

Luxe beach resorts and crazy parties are probably some of the first things that come to mind every time you think of Mexico, but there is something which has been attracting travelers (and conquerors) to this beautiful country even before man learned about the benefits of travel – the fabled Mayan civilization and its gold. There are a number of ruins that can become the highlights of your trip to Mexico, the iconic Chichen Itza ruins, the Teotihuacan Pyramid or the Shrine of Guadalupe.

Northern Lights, Iceland

A view of Northern light
Image by: krissanapongw/

The northern lights phenomenon can be seen from a number of countries up north, but the best views are reserved for those living in Iceland. The winter months might be chilly, but they also treat you to the best displays of this majestic phenomenon. That said, the winter months also means variable weather, so all you might get during your holiday is a sky full of clouds. For the best views of this natural wonder, you need to book a trip to the interior of the country and stay up between 11 PM and 2 AM.

Alaskan Expeditions

A view of Mendenhall Glacier and waterfall, Juneau, Alaska
Image by: herreid/

The land of the midnight sun is famous as one of the most scenic locations in the Americas. Alaska’s capital, Juneau, is a popular cruise ship destination and the wilderness explorations that it has on offer leaves you speechless. The best thing to do here is to embark on tours to the Mendenhall Glacier and enjoy whale-watching expeditions. Considered to be the most accessible glacier in Alaska, Mendenhall is known for its grand ice caves that promise an experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Vineyard Hopping in Chianti, Tuscany

A bottle of wine with beautiful Tuscany background
Image by: ZoomTeam/

Chianti country doesn’t need any introduction. Producer of the world-famous Chianti wine, Chianti is where you come across some of the oldest and grandest wineries and vineyards on the planet. The best thing to do here is to rent a car, plan out which vineyards to visit and spend the rest of the day hopping from one vineyard to the other, sampling delicious food, exotic cheese and magnificent wines in the process. The breathtaking natural beauty and exciting tours that most vineyards have on offer come as an added bonus.

Niagara Falls

A view of the American side of Niagara Falls
Image by: ZIMNEVAN/

You’d think that the Niagara is perhaps the largest, the grandest or the tallest waterfall on the planet. After all, it is the most famous one. While it might not have the honor of being the grandest or tallest, it certainly ranks as the most beautiful and romantic waterfall in the world. The best way to experience the Niagara is by joining the Maid of the Mist Boat Ride, which takes you closer for the perfect view. If you’re traveling with a loved one to the US, try your best to visit the falls. It will be something the two of you will cherish all your life.

Castle Tours in the Scottish Highlands

A view of Dunrobin Castle
Image by: dejavu/

If you’re dreaming of getting a glimpse into how kings and queens live, a trip to Scotland is what you need. Royal Family enthusiasts must visit the Castle and Gardens of Mey, a popular summer destination for the Queen. Tours include trips to the castle, its rooms, the interiors, the Queen’s bedroom, study and dining room. You can also check out the animal center or simply roam through the grounds to breathe in the majestic scenery. Those in love with architecture cannot miss out on the Dunrobin Castle and its French-chateau-like designs. The castle is steeped in history and is one of the oldest inhabited houses of Britain. For the ultimate experience, Bookmundi recommends the Inverlochy Castle. While most castles offer tours, this grand castle was transformed into a hotel and it actually lets you stay in those historic grounds and grand rooms to make you feel like royalty.

Fiordland, New Zealand

A view of Stirling Falls, Milford Sound
Image by: PhotoImages/

Fiordland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is perhaps the most beautiful and most dramatic creations of nature. The landscape was more than 100000 in the making and the result is an untouched rain-forest where mountains and granite peaks give way to glittery lakes, and the entire scenery looks the way it used to look thousands of years ago. Milford Sound is the most popular fjord here, immortalized by Rudyard Kipling when he called it the eighth wonder of the world. Kayaking and aerial tours are available, but the best way to explore the area is by hiking. In fact, the Milford Track which takes you through 53 kms. of stunning scenery and serene lakes, has been termed the most famous walk in New Zealand.

The In Bruges Trail, Bruges

The Belfry of Bruges
Image by: Emi Cristea/

Bruges has often been called the most beautifully preserved medieval city in Europe, and the best place to explore its wonders is by following the route shown in the Colin Farren starrer, In Bruges. Bruges’ reputation didn’t need any boosting, but the city tourism has actually received a welcome boost ever since the movie showcased everything that this enchanting oasis has in store for its visitors. From grand artworks by artists such as René Magritte, Hieronymus Bosch, and Jan van Eyck to the 250-foot belfry in the town center, a trip to Bruges is literally like visiting old-world Europe, one that you only see in the movies.

So where are you planning to go in the year 2016? Bookmundi cannot plan your holidays and adventures for you, but we can most certainly help you choose the best and most exciting tours, irrespective of which country you choose to visit.

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