Futuristic Hotels Around the World

Futuristic Hotel

Today’s world is changing at a very rapid pace. Our dynamic environment makes us want to explore places that offer something special and designers have actually taken these trends into account while creating modern day hotels. Over the past few decades, a majority of the hotels around the world laid a great deal of stress on luxury and opulence.

However, it isn’t enough to just offer luxury anymore. A property needs to come across as futuristic in order to feel special. This is why we see modern day hotels paying a lot of emphasis on technology, science fiction, elegant curves, strategic locations and light. Today, BookMundi introduces you to a few futuristic hotels around the world, hotels that are so unique in their concept that you simply have to check them out while traveling.

Wanderlust, Singapore

The Wanderlust Boutique Hotel is a unique property in Singapore that actually lets you stay in a whimsical space-themed room. Each room at the hotel presents cute alien soft toys and “storage rockets”. You need to climb stairs to the mezzanine floor to get to the bed where stars light up the ceiling. Each room also presents a unique theme, ranging from treehouses to monster typewriters. Located close to the vibrant Little India neighborhood, this hotel is totally worth it while in Singapore. They also have a cute French bistro downstairs.

Death Star Hotel, Azerbaijan

The Death Star Hotel presents patterns that are inspired by outer space and totally reinvents the way you look at skyscrapers. There are two hotel buildings that face the Caspian Sea – Hotel Full Moon, a sphere that has a hole in its top right to resemble a black hole, and Hotel Crescent, shaped to resemble the crescent moon. Full Moon is so radical in its designs that the appearance is said to change when seen from different angles. The hotel is still under construction, but it is sure to promise a look into the future, once it is ready to serve guests from around the world.

Hotel York, New York City

Being futuristic wasn’t enough for York. They went to the next level by introducing guests to Yobot, an automated luggage handler that selects and moves luggage from a humongous rack to ensure that all pieces are received properly during check-ins. The rooms might be quite small when compared to other NYC hotels, but each room is filled with gadgets and motorized beds that can be folded up when not in use to offer more space when you’re not sleeping.

 The Lunatic Hotel, Moon

You might have to wait till 2050 to actually visit the hotel, but the future really does sound exciting. There was a time where space travel was far from being a reality, and today, we already have blueprints to build the first hotel on the moon. Sure, orbiting space hotels sound thrilling, but actually getting to live on the moon? That’s romantic. Imagine promising your wife a honeymoon on the moon! Spectacular views aside, the hotel also promises an alien feeling and the joys of low gravity.

Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

The Montana Magica Lodge is located in Huilo Huilo, Chile. It is particularly famous for its remarkable structure that actually has a real waterfall coming out of the top of the hotel. They even have hot tubs that have been made using dug out tree trunks. The lodge was built by craftsmen from surrounding areas and it also has a mini-golf track that actually winds its way through the forest on a course located 40 feet above the forest floor. Who thinks about selfies when you have panoramas like that to fill your frames with!

The Hydropolis, Dubai

The Hydropolis, a self-acclaimed 10-star hotel, is an underwater hotel that is being built entirely underwater. This unique resort shall cover an area of 1.1 million sq. ft. and present a shopping mall, island villas, high-tech cinema, ballrooms, restaurants and missile defense systems for security. Located at a depth of 60 ft. under water, the hotel also promises some of the most enchanting views known to man. The Hydropolis in Dubai is scheduled to open in the near future, and they are also planning an entire chain of underwater hotels around the world. Now that’s exciting, isn’t it?

Nine Zero Hotel, Boston

The Cloud Suite at the Nine Zero costs as much as $20000 for a 2-night stay, but it also ensures that all your whims and fancies are taken care of. No stone is left unturned to ensure that you enjoy a pleasant stay and the staff go out of their way to help you out and make your trip special. A few highlights of Nine Zero Hotel include private jet transportation, complimentary caviar and champagne and on-site chauffeurs. Better yet, you never have to bother about troublesome keys and keycards anymore, as each room has a retinal scan to ensure that only you are allowed to access your room.

The Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

The Poseidon Undersea Resort takes you 1200 sq. ft. under the sea and introduces you to some of the most beautiful corals that you’ll ever see. Surrounded by a 5000-acre lagoon, it really doesn’t get any more beautiful and a trip to one of the 550 sq. ft. suites is as fantasy-like as it gets. Better yet, the first 1000 guests at the resort will also have their names inscribed on the two monuments at the hotel, one on the floor of the lagoon and one on the island.

Each hotel in this list is fully-equipped with the latest in technology, is based on popular science fiction stories and has more luxury than you can possibly imagine. A trip to any one of these hotels promises to redefine the way you look at travel and also give you an insight into the future to showcase what science and technology has in store for us in the coming few decades.

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