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Receive Trip offers and Travel Quotes

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released a ‘Get Travel Quotes’ feature that enables our customers to receive at least 3 free and unbinding trip offers from qualified travel companies, within a matter of hours. The get travel offers functionality has so far been rolled out for safaris in Tanzania, climbs to Kilimanjaro and treks in Nepal, including the famous Everest Base Camp trek.

After receiving customised travel quotes customers can access them in one place, allowing for an easy overview and comparison. Alternatively, offers can be responded to directly via email.

We launched the ‘Get Travel Quotes’ system to ensure that our customers get swift access to competitive travel deals delivered by professional and licensed travel companies,” says CEO of Bookmundi Rasmus Juul-Olsen.

A customer looking at e.g. the Everest Base Camp Trek can now request trekking offers via the green ‘Get Free Offers’ button taking the user to the Everest Base Camp Trek Receive Offers Page. After filling in trek requirements the customer can expect as a minimum 3 trekking offers within 3-6 hours, if the request has been made during day time in Nepal.

Receiving travel offers will have the following advantages:

  • Customers will save money as the local companies know they are in competition when providing the travel offers.
  • Customers will save time, because qualified trekking providers will come to the customer, rather than the customer having to spend time finding them.
  • Customers are likely to book a qualified trekking agency as Bookmundi carefully vets all its partners.

If I was to trek the Everest Base Camp trek again, I would certainly use our new receive travel offers service. In all likelihood the price would become better, I would have found a better trekking agency, and even the booking process would have been much smoother“, says Bookmundi CEO Rasmus Juul-Olsen.

You can request travel offers here.  Safe travels!

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