Offbeat Adventures Around the World

Camping in Mongolia with snow mountains surrounded in the background

There are some places in the world that everybody knows about, and for good reason. The Great Pyramids, for instance. Or the Eiffel Tower. These places are popular because of their extensive beauty and cultural value, and that is undeniable. However, if you are a seasoned traveler, or a person whose tastes lean towards the unexplored and the unique, these places might seem too commercial. What do you do when facing a similar situation?

Turn towards offbeat destinations of course! There are many adventures awaiting you in the most surprising parts of the world. Read on, and you’ll see why you should swap out your traditional holiday destination for these offbeat ones.

Camp Out in Mongolia (above image)

Mongolia has been out of the international spotlight for a while now, and that is a shame. However, this has helped the country retain its pristine charm. It’s an environmentalist dream come true! The Mongolian steppes are vast, flat, and unbelievably picturesque. For a unique experience, head to Hovd, a tiny town on the banks of the Achit lake. You will be able to enjoy the signature Mongolian isolation, with wonderful views of the Harhiraa- Tu’rgen mountains. You can get a yurt, and camp out on the banks of the lake. It’s the best way to reconnect with yourself or a loved one.

Take a Dip in Rotorua, New Zealand

Champagne Pool in Waiotapu Thermal Reserve Rotorua New Zealand
Image by: DmitryP/

New Zealand is a great inspiration behind the Lord of the Rings movies, and once you land in Rotorua, you’ll understand why the cast and crew of the movie loved this country. If you are an adventurer, this rather offbeat destination will definitely be on your to-do list. Volatile and surreal landscapes can be seen everywhere. There are more than 7 hot water geysers, and 500 small hot-water pools. Due to the sulfur concentration in the area, smells off, but once you dip into one of those cozy hot-water pools, you really won’t bother about the smell at all!

Go On a Culture Tour of Iran

View of Kandovan vilage near Tabriz in Iran
Image by: mazzzur/

Iran is a historical country that has defied all odds for centuries now. The news has painted quite the picture of this Middle Eastern country, but once you visit, you will be able to understand the socio-historical complexity of the region. Iran is one of the most significant historical sites in the world (UNESCO has declared more than 19 sites in the country to be of historical significance). Whether it is the Armenian monasteries in the northwest, the chimney caves of Kandovan, or the mind-boggling Perspeolis, the 2500 year old city, Iran will continuously surprise you at every turn.

Go Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

Group of mountaineers ascent to the mountain in Dugoba Pamiro-Alay Kyrgyzstan
Image by: Lysogor/

Kyrgyzstan offers a unique perspective for even the most seasoned mountaineers. 90% of the country is mountainous, so there will definitely be no dearth of mountains for you to climb. Kyrgyzstan’s landscape is rather intimidating at first- it is harsh and rugged, and seems unforgiving. But once you start trekking, you will realize that the mountains, and the people, have accepted you as one of their own, and there is no better feeling than that. While trekking, make sure you stop at the diverse town of Karakol, or take a dip in Altyn Arashan’s natural hot springs!

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Hike Up a Volcano in Réunion

Aerial view of Piton de la Fournaise volcano
Image by: isogood/

Réunion is a French Island in the Indian Ocean, prominently known for its beautiful beaches and music scene. On this island rests Piton de la Fournaise, an incredibly active volcano. Yes, it is possible for you to hike up to the caldera, when the time is right (depending on the local government’s assessment of the volcano’s state on that day). There are various trails and routes leading you to both the active and dormant calderas, and once you get permission from the authorities, you can determine which one you want to climb! Doesn’t that sound like the trip of a lifetime?

The world is full of magical places that have not yet been discovered. It’s quite a shame- but if you head to these off-beat destinations now, you will get to enjoy them in their pristine nature, without having to worry about a throng of tourists trying to distract you! Which one of these do you want to visit next?

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