The Most Romantic Cities Around the World

Honolulu in Hawaii

Love. It doesn’t need a reason. It doesn’t need a time. And it certainly doesn’t need a place! That being said, an escape to one of the most romantic cities around the world is the best way to show someone just how much you love them. Cities like Paris, Venice and Barcelona are perhaps the first names that come to mind, but it might just be time to look beyond the obvious. The world is full of places that let you rekindle your romance, and be it the cuisine, the attractions, the gorgeous surroundings, or astonishing culture, any one of these unreal cities could end up being the perfect holiday spot for a romance-filled getaway. Below we are listing some of the most romantic cities around the world. They are listed in random order so the last city is as romantic as the first. Enjoy.

Honolulu, USA

Honolulu wins the hearts of its visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty. Jaw dropping cliffs meet vast stretches of sandy beaches to tantalize your eyes, while the balmy weather combines with the sizzling nightlife to make the sparks fly. From hiking to the top of the Diamond Head Crater to becoming the center of attraction in Waikiki, from enjoying the serene shores of Hanauma Bay Beach to kissing your loved ones while treating them to unparalleled sunset views at the Sunset Beach, the options are endless.

Heidelberg, Germany

The city of Heidelberg in Germany

Not a city, you’d be better of calling Heidelberg a town. But it’s a place that we simply couldn’t resist! Located within a wooded gorge on River Necker, Heidelberg has inspired countless writers over the years with its picture-perfect settings. The place is one of those German fairytale destinations, complete with magical gingerbread houses and a castle on the hill. The Heidelberg Castle is an obvious highlight of your itinerary, but the delicious cuisine simply makes things even more special. Wine lovers cannot miss out on checking out the biggest wine barrel in the world (made from 130 oak trees!!!) and culture buffs simply need to check out the Castle Theater Festival, one of the most popular outdoor theater festivals in the country. And the romance always flows through those old world streets, enchanting squares, beautiful fountains, grand houses and pretty little cafes.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague the capital of the Czeck republique

Prague is just one of those cities where all your imaginations come to life. Beautiful bridges and fairytale hilltop castles from your dreams, ancient cathedrals from the movies and old world streets from the books all come alive here. One of the most romantic experiences is to check out the views that the Charles Bridge has to offer, and visiting during the winters might just mean that you have the bridge all to yourself. And don’t forget to try out the Budvar beer. It might just be the thing that brings out the romantic in you!


Istanbul in Turkey

With one hand trying to keep up with the fast-paced west and the other clutching onto the culture-centric east, Istanbul manages to grab the best of both, and provide lovers with an irresistible destination. Surrounded by water on three sides and spread over seven different hills, nature is certainly responsible for charming visitors, but the outlandish architecture is what steals the show. Boutique hotels, enchanting sunsets and silky soft beaches create the perfect setting for a romantic getaway, while the exotic nightlife, beautiful cuisine and wealth of attractions such as Ottoman mosques and Byzantine churches ensures that the city caters to all sorts of tastes and preferences. The Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace and the Hagia Sophia provide the social media photographs, but it’s a trip to the Grand Bazaar to see your loved one haggling with a vendor that might just make you fall in love all over again.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti in French Polynesia

Remember those postcards showing that perfect beach dotted with palm trees and not a soul in sight? It seems as if they were inspired by the exotic beaches of Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia. Book an over-water bungalow and enjoy the unending ocean views while you rejuvenate your love. Enjoy sunset walks amid black sand beaches and swim in enchanting lagoons. Explore magical waterfalls and sunbathe for hours. Finally, feast on that delicious Polynesian cuisine and enrich your souls with some cultural experiences. Just remember to load up on that sunscreen, because as romantic as things might be for you, your skin certainly won’t thank you at the end of your holiday!

Jaisalmer, India

Jaisalmer in India

The state of Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Indian subcontinent. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Any place that boasts of the number of historic palaces, serene lakes, grand forts and unending deserts that Rajasthan boasts is certain to be incredibly romantic. The city of Udaipur may be the first thing that comes to mind, but we recommend you to look beyond those waterside palaces and enchanting lakes. Jaisalmer is a city that lets you show your love the old-fashioned way – in the midst of untouched sands, on the back of a camel and in a luxury tent with nothing but the moon and the stars to give you company. As old-fashioned as it may be, the journey is likely to be one of the most epic romantic adventures of your life.

Rio de JaneiroBrazil

Rio De Janero in Brazil

It wouldn’t be fair to call Rio de Janeiro romantic. The place is way more than romantic. Words like exotic would do the city some justice, but then again, they wouldn’t entirely describe all that is in store for you in Rio De Janeiro. The ideal time to visit the city is in time for the most sensual festival in the world – the Carnaval – but be prepared to share the city with millions of travelers from all over the planet. That said, when you have something so sexy and wild right in front of you, it’s easy to fall in love all over again. And while in Rio de Janeiro, don’t miss out on the nightlife of Lapa, the historic beauty of Santa Teresa, the fascinating Ipanema beaches and the dreamy Sugar Loaf Mountains.

This list of the most romantic cities around the world certainly doesn’t have every destination around the world that deserves your attention, but the destinations that are present here are a great way to start the tradition of romantic getaways with your loved ones. Stay tuned to Bookmundi, for this week, we entirely dedicate ourselves to romantics and lovers through our Love is in the Air Theme.

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