The Most Romantic Hotels Around The World

Hotel Wailea in Hawaii

Sleeping in tents under the starlit sky. Sounds romantic, but what do you do when all those creepy crawlies come calling? Gone are the days when just being amidst natural beauty felt romantic. Modern day lovers certainly need beautiful destinations to rekindle their romance, but they also need places that offer tailor-made comfort, world-class amenities, luxurious surroundings and a sense of style. Sure, many hotels have rooms that feature wood fireplaces and verdant courtyards. But is that enough to call the hotel romantic? Bookmundi recommends a few romantic hotels that are sure to act as the ultimate places to visit with your lovers. It’s just that each hotel in this list boasts of an incredibly romantic atmosphere, and ultimately, that is what makes a hotel romantic.

Below we are listing some of the most romantic hotels in the world. Enjoy!

Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island, Australia

If you’re touring Australia and its countless deserts, cities, rainforests and beaches with your loved one, make sure that you take some time out of your itinerary and visit the Whitsunday Islands. The resort is located in the Great Barrier Reef, and is one of the most stunning hotels on the planet. Its sea view rooms give you just that – unparalleled views of the sea. The Pebble Beach pool accompanies you up to the beach, and you’re always left confused – choose that incredibly romantic pool or visit an equally romantic beach! The Long Pavilion restaurant features romantic treats, including a mouth-watering tasting menu, and those Champagne sunset cruises steal the show. According to travellers, the most romantic thing to do at the resort is to visit a deserted island where the hotel sets up beach mats, towels, gourmet picnic and wine!! Can’t get more romantic than that, can it??

Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy

The Belmond Hotel Cipriani was where George Clooney hosted his guests in the year 2014. It is located far away from the crowded San Marco, yet takes just 4 minutes via a private launch. The Belmond Hotel Cipriani is certainly pricey, but this luxurious beauty is just about perfect if you’re willing to spend. A humongous pool and breathtaking gardens help in making the place romantic and the secluded location adds to the aura. The hotel also arranges private boat tours to various hidden spots located all over Guidecca Island.

Beldi Country Club, Marrakech, Morocco

Beldi Hotel in Morrocco

The Beldi Country Club is an ideal retreat for lovers and couples. It’s just about as good as it gets and the best part is that there is no internet in any of the rooms. No more social media distractions or business emails to reply to while you’re on a holiday with your loved one! Each villa comes equipped with outdoor bathtubs, private gardens and fireplaces, and the resort has more than enough amenities to ensure that you don’t feel the need to leave the hotel during your stay.

Ladera, St. Lucia

Ladera has just 32 suites, with each suite having just three walls. Instead of the 4th wall, each suite offers scintillating unobstructed views of the gorgeous Pitons, without compromising on privacy. Things like phones and TVs simply don’t exist here. It’s more about listening to birds and tree frogs from the luxuries of your villas and enjoying the delights of private plunge pools. The hotel also features a “romance concierge” program, whips up delightful cocktails and provides “massage your mate” spa treatments.

The Four Seasons, Bora Bora

It really wouldn’t be possible to write about the most romantic hotels around the world without mentioning the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora, considered to be one of the most epic properties in the world. Beautiful thatched huts rise out of the midst of a clear blue lagoon offering guests unobstructed views of the Mount Otmanu and Mount Pahia, the twin peaks of an extinct volcano. Apart from picture perfect views, each bungalow also offers complete privacy. One of the first things that your eyes fall upon the moment you enter the room is the Romance Menu, and you realize that you’re truly in for a treat. Mornings are dominated by lavish breakfasts on private terraces, while the evenings are dedicated to Polynesian fire dancing programs. We recommend you to book a floating love seat that gets tethered to your bungalow. This allows you to drift away into the blue lagoon without having to care about anything else.

Hotel Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

Hotel Wailea is one of the top destinations for romantics visiting the Hawaiian Islands. Considered to be a major attraction in its own right, this 72-room wonder is spread over 15 acres of Zen-inspired gardens at a height of 300 feet above sea level, which means that it also offers beautiful views of the neighboring islands. Each room at the hotel is huge, and each room features amenities such as private lanais, deep soaking tubs and open-air showers. The adults-only policy means that there are no children around, and the streamside gazebo massages are simply phenomenal.

Monaci delle Terre Nere, Sicily, Italy

Monaci delle Terre Nere is located on the slopes of Mt. Etna in Sicily. It is actually a boutique hotel that is set in an old vineyard estate and has just 10 rooms. The hotel’s pool has actually been cut into steppes in Mt. Etna, and hiking through the organic farms in the property is one of the best things to do. Get lost with your loved one in an orange grove, sit by the pool, stare off into the distant ocean or spend hours looking into the night sky. The pleasures to be found may be very simple, but the luxuries are certainly on par with the very best properties. Don’t forget to try out the orange and grape juices. They are pressed from estate’s orchards and are known to be incredible.

Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce, Bruges, Belgium

The Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce is located on the medieval canals of Bruges and is considered to be one of the most romantic hotels around the world. It was built way back in the 16th century and features a stained glass and timber façade, which is majorly responsible for giving the property its timeless and romantic feel. Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce is very popular among the rich and famous, and it truly knows how to spoil its guests through sumptuous meals, delightful comforts and outlandish extravaganzas. Ralph Lauren linen awaits you in your rooms while original artwork from Gustav Klimt and Henri Matisse tantalizes and seduces all kinds of art lovers.

Bookmundi started the week with the most romantic cities around the world, and we’ve now introduced you to some of the most romantic hotels around the world. Stay tuned, for we are just getting started with our Love is in the Air Theme.

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