The Most Romantic Restaurants Around The World

Romantic Restaurant

There are times when we need a little help to make our dates amazing. A good cuisine and proper service certainly helps, but if the place itself has a romantic vibe, we can actually enjoy the perfect setting for one of the best experiences. If you’re searching for some dinner destination inspiration, this list of the most romantic restaurants around the world could certainly come in handy.

Fasano Restaurant, Punta del Este, Uruguay

The Fasano Restaurant is actually a part of the Hotel Fasano Las Piedras, but is located a few minutes away from the main site. The restaurant is housed on a 480-acre property within an old farmhouse and boasts of wooden floors and ceilings, and is one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. The rustic atmosphere gives out an incredibly romantic vibe, making it very popular among honeymooners and couples. We recommend you to go before sunset, so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and follow it up with a lavish dinner. The salmon tartare served here is among the top dishes in Uruguay.

Fregate Island Private, Seychelles

Some of the top things that add to a romantic atmosphere include the sand, the sea and the dancing moonlight. By choosing the Fregate Island Private, you ensure that you have the company of all three. Add some fresh produce, tantalizing dishes and unique flavors into the picture, and you’re in for one of the most special dining experiences of your life, in one of the most romantic restaurants around. Most of the food served here is grown organically and the fresh and tasty flavors simply adds to the charm.

Di Librije, Zwolle, Netherlands

It takes a train journey from Amsterdam to get to Di Librije restaurant, but this is one place that is certainly worth all that effort. A butler picks you up from the train station and drops you off at the restaurant, which is actually housed in a Dominican abbey dating back to the 15th century. Quality is guaranteed and each dish is created with a lot of sophistication, using the freshest possible ingredients. We recommend a wine arrangement and the 7-course surprise menu for the perfect date.

Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur, India

The Sheesh Mahal restaurant is located in the Leela Palace Hotel, Udaipur. Possibly one of the most romantic restaurants in India, the restaurant serves impeccable Indian cuisine, but its main charm is the views that it has on offer. The ideal time to visit is at dusk, so that you can sit on the terrace and simply gaze at the floating Lake Palace, the City Palace and the surrounding Aravalli hills at their beautiful best. It’s an experience that simply cannot be missed while in Udaipur.

Solo per Due, Vacone, Italy

The Solo per Due is one of the smallest restaurants in the world, but therein lies its beauty. You are greeted to a property that exudes magic. The music, the flowers and the flowing wine simply take you into a magical land where you’re left alone to enjoy each other’s company. The restaurant accommodates only two diners at a time, and this means that you and your date have the entire restaurant to yourself. No prying eyes, no chitter chatter, just the two of you! The service is extremely discreet as well. It couldn’t get better, could it? It is also possible to arrange for a private fireworks display towards the end of the best dinner date of your life.

Faviken Restaurant, Sweden

The Faviken Restaurant is one of the most unique restaurants in Sweden. Located in the midst of a 20000-acre reserve, this is where you get the freshest ingredients and produce, for almost everything is grown within the estate. You start off with a glass of Faviken’s mead and are served scallops that actually look as big as burgers. The highlight of the evening is bound to be the colostrum – the first milk produced by a cow after giving birth served as a yogurt with blueberries.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

The interiors of this particular restaurant are known to be extremely simple, but who cares about interiors when you’re eating your meals surrounded by all sorts of marine life. The restaurant is actually located 16ft below the Indian Ocean and is positioned right next to a coral reef. The 270-degree transparent paneling offers unobstructed views of nature at her beautiful best. No wonder, the restaurant is incredibly popular among couples and honeymooners. The main highlights of the restaurant are the Maldivian lobster and caviar.

Cliff at Cap, St. Lucia

Each and every table at Cliff at Cap lets diners enjoy breathtaking sea views, while the unobtrusive staff serve a tantalizing combination of food and wine. But the best experience for couples is always at the Rock Maison table, a table that has been built on a secluded wooden deck in a rocky outcropping. Cliff at Cap is also the only restaurant in the world that offers a champagne zip-line, which is used to serve couples dining privately down below. The prices may be on the higher side, but the French-West Indian contemporary menu, the ambience, the service and the food are perfect. We recommend you to try out the jerk chicken dish, a delicious combination of juicy chicken cooked on sugarcane skewers and served with sauce.

Skiathos Windmill Restaurant, Skiathos, Greece

Last but not the least, is the Skiathos Windmill Restaurant located on the Skiathos Island. The restaurant is actually located in one of the oldest buildings on the island that dates all the way back to the year 1880. It overlooks the enchanting Skiathos port and the magical Aegean Sea, and always offers unparalleled views to its diners. We recommend couples to book the Honeymoon Table, the best and most romantic table on the island. The beef strips served here are very famous, and the beef literally melts in your mouth.

They often say that love cannot be defined, for it needs to be experienced. A great baseball coach had once said, “If you don’t know what to look for, you will never find it”. The same goes for love. If you don’t know how to experience it, you will never enjoy it either. A trip to any one of the restaurants in this list is an amazing way of experiencing love, and sharing an extremely special moment with your loved one.

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