Top 12 best things to do in Berlin

Berlin TV Tower

From its history to its fashion, Berlin is a vibrant city. A sober reminder of the post war atmosphere now covered in graffiti art, the remnant of Berlin Wall is now a symbol of its social progress.

Fractured during the WWII and the Cold War, the capital city of Germany has transformed into a city rich in cultural diversity, history, and architecture. Below we are giving you some of the top 12 best things to do in Berlin. Enjoy.

Berlin TV Tower

  • Experience the view of the entire city from the tallest tower in Berlin
  • Witness what truly makes this city beautiful
  • Most main attractions are visible from the height of 205 meters

Book your tickets in advance to stand at a place from where you can see the entire city stretching on for miles and miles. From atop the Berlin TV tower, you can view this lively city and experience the marvel that is Berlin from a 360° angle.

From here, numerous popular attractions are visible, giving you the truest sense of this city’s beauty. See the Reichstag that is the parliament building, the Olympic stadium, as well as the beautiful Museum Island, and much more!

Day Trip at Wittenberg

Witten Berg in Berlin

  • Explore the town of Wittenberg, which holds significance as a UNESCO world heritage site
  • Find the church where Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses in 1517

History buffs will love this activity, as Wittenberg is unquestionably the place of historical significance. On your trip to Berlin, make time for a daylong trip to this beautiful little town with its Renaissance town hall and medieval churches.

Barely an hour’s train ride away, here is where you will also find the infamous church where, in 1517, Martin Luther had nailed his 95 Theses. On this privately booked tour, your guide will also take you to Luther house, which is a museum famous for the Lutherstube and its artifacts.

Walking city tour through the history of Berlin

Berlin Wall in Germany

  • Perfect way to explore Berlin for first timers
  • Visit all the popular attractions
  • Visit Cold War landmarks like the Berlin Wall

Of all the activities you can enjoy in Berlin, let us first discuss the perfect one if you are new to the city. Find your bearings at the heart of Berlin; a walking tour can encompasses every main sight at the center of the city.

Find the museums and sights that pique your interest on the various themed tours offered. Visit the site of Hitler’s Bunker, check out the sight of Berlin Wall, and much more. If interested, expert guides with superb story-telling skills will weave you through the times that this city has faced in a detailed narrative, from Prussian and Nazi, to Cold War and the 21st century Berlin.

Neukölln – Culinary Berlin 

  • Enjoy the many tastes of Berlin at Neukölln food street
  • Be treated to a three-course meal at three separate venues with the tour

Going to Berlin and not savoring German Cuisine is a crime. Enjoy an authentic experience with this country’s unique cuisine, Berlin style, by heading to Neukölln. After offering you a welcoming drink, you will be treated to a three-course meal at three separate venues.

This culinary sojourn will show just how far the cuisine of this country has come in recent years. Neukölln today, provides foodies from all over the city and the world, with an atmosphere to properly enjoy the finest cuisines that this city has to offer.

Berlin Hop-on Hop-off bus tour 

  • Independent way of exploring the city
  • Carefully selected bus stops, closest to all the main attractions around the city
  • Bus Tour Ticket also serves as a discount card for shops and stalls

The Berlin Bus tour is another way to explore this massive city. Ride the iconic open-top red double-decker bus that runs throughout the day.

Jump off at any of the 15 stops, whichever takes your fancy. There are three incredible routes to choose from on this tour. The ticket for this tour also has many perks apart from being valid for two days. It will come in handy throughout your stroll around the city, giving you discounts at more than 15 top locations.

Segway guided tour

  • Fun yet effortless way to explore the vibrant city of Berlin
  • Encompasses all the popular and main attractions
  • Basic training provided for those who don’t know how to operate a segway

For those first time travelers, who’re wondering about how a city like Berlin should be explored, the Classic City Segway is just an indication of the memorable time they are going to have here.

This particular tour will start with a fantastic orientation to get you settled on your individual segways, followed by the opportunity of seeing virtually most of this city’s iconic landmarks.

Hot Rod sightseeing tour

  • Exciting way of touring around Berlin
  • You get your own personal, swift Mini Hot Rod
  • Training provided by Professional Guides

If you seek thrills on your travels, and don’t want to miss your chance of getting to know this beautiful city, then the Hot Rod sightseeing tour is perhaps your best bet. Check out the most spectacular sights in your own mini Hot Rod.

Even though you will be sitting almost at ground level, these custom-built roadsters can leave just about any city vehicle in the dust. Get started at Revaler Strasse 99, where your guide will provide an orientation on driving these mini beasts, followed by a drive into the city.

Private bus tour 

  • Plan a group tour at the time and day of your convenience
  • Customize your tours according to your preference
  • Stop at each destination to learn more about its history and to explore it to your heart’s content.

Whether you are visiting Berlin with family, friends or co-workers, if you are travelling in a group, then private bus tours provide the ideal way to take in the city’s glory. These tours are led by professional guides that tailor the tour according to your demands.

On the tour, you will be regaled with stories of the city’s rich history and culture. At every stop, you will explore the sights, while having plenty of opportunities to roam as you please, taking photos, trying out the local cuisine, or even catching a show.

Scavenger hunt throughout Berlin

  • Embark on an adventurous throughout the city
  • A delight for those who love solving puzzles
  • Explore all the main attractions with short information cards and riddles

This tour is geared more towards the adventurous lot of tourists. A Scavenger hunt tour throughout Berlin is a perfect blend of fun, mystery, and adventure. The principle is simple, you will be handed a Treasure Hunt Box with 16 numbered, sealed envelopes. Several puzzles need to be solved, and each solution you uncover will lead you to the next location.

This particular tour of Berlin guides you across this vibrant city searching for clues. Begin from the World Clock on Alexanderplatz, move on to Berlin’s TV tower, and then zigzagg throughout Berlin to the final destination at Checkpoint Charlie.

Dance until sunrise 

  • Enjoy the nightlife in Berlin at one of the most popular clubs
  • Listen to the most influential DJs
  • Bedrock to European Techno, you have an unlimited choice of music

Where partying is concerned, Berlin is more of a forty-eight hour city than a twenty-four hour one. Here, weekends stretch into weekdays. If you’re interested, on the border between Friedrichshainamd and Kreuzberg, you’ll find the Panorama Bar, which is actually a factory and essentially, the home of European Techno.

Alternatively, the Salon Zur Wilden Renate is a derelict bar that hosts several underground house parties, with three separate dance rooms Berlin is an adventurous playground in its essence when it comes to partying, so all you need to do is find the right place to enjoy the music.

Of the numerous ways in which one can discover Berlin, we have listed the top 10 most popular activities in Berlin that blend together the perfect amount of history and recreation for tourists. So now you are well-informed to plan your itinerary for that upcoming trip to the German capital. Get started, Book your tours in Berlin.

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