Top 12 Best Things to Do in Moscow

Kremlin Tour

Moscow is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. It is a city of extremes, from extreme cold in the winter, to scorching heat in the summer and from ancient Russian Architecture to the new contemporary architecture in the business districts, there is truly something for everyone in this dazzling city.

Kremlin Tour (above image)

You may want to set aside a whole day to tour this magnificent area of Moscow. You can enter the Kremlin on your own for a fee, but you will just be given a map with the names of the buildings, so we recommend a guided tour so you can get the best out of the area. You will be brought around all the historic buildings and beautiful gardens and your guide will tell you all you need to know about this famous landmark.

Top Tip: There is no Café on the grounds so make sure to bring your own refreshments.

Location: Red Square, Moscow 103073, Russia. If you use a Kremlin walking tour, they will pick you up from your hotel reception.

4-Hour Walking Tour

This popular walking tour will take you directly from your hotel lobby to some of the most interesting and scenic areas of Moscow. You will visit St. Basil’s Cathedral, the most iconic building in Moscow, with it’s magnificent onion shaped domes. You will also visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, where you can view the lavishly rebuilt interior. Your tour should finish off with a ride on the Moscow Metro through the grand stations built in the 1930’s.

Insider tip: On the Metro, keep an eye out for the beautiful stained glass at Novoslobodskaya.

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Pushkin Museum of Art
Image by: uatp1/

Arguably the most popular Museum in Moscow, the Pushkin Museum is home to one of the best collections of impressionist paintings and 19th and 20th century painters. There’s separate rooms for Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso etc., and you are sure to find something to suit your taste. Much of the information accompanying the paintings is in Russian, so you may want to bring a guide or guide book.

Insider tip: Lines can be long so get there early in the day.

Location: Moscow, Russia, Volkhonka 12

Armoury Chamber

Kremlin Armoury
Image by: SerrNovik/

The Armoury is a highlight for any trip to Moscow. Inside you will find displays of gold, armor, the Tsar’s dress, gold books and much more. With an audio guide it will take about an hour to go round the various exhibits, but you could spend several hours going from thrones to silverware to religious relics.

Insider Tip: Make sure to check out all 10 Fabergé eggs in the museum.

Location: The Moscow Kremlin, Moscow, Russia, 103073

Aptekarskiy Ogorod Botanical Garden

Founded in 1706 by Peter the Great, Aptekarskiy Ogorod Botanical Garden is heralded as the oldest Botanical Garden in Russia. Some of the glasshouses at Aptekarskiy Ogorod date back to 1891 and the gardens are home to hundreds of species of plants and trees such as ferns, rhododendrons, philadelphus and tree peonies, as well as some interesting far-eastern species of plants. This excursion is the perfect way to wind down and relax after the hustle and bustle of the city attractions.

Top Tip: Look closely in some of the small ponds for turtles!

Location: 26 Prospekt Mira, Moscow, Russia, 129090

Moscow Metro Tour

Moscow Metro
Image by: Paha_L/

An in depth Metro Tour may seem like an unusual addition to this list and for many other cities it would be, but the Moscow metro stations are a must see for all visitors to the historic city. From the beautiful mosaics of Russian victories on the walls of the Komsomolskaya station to the stained glass of the Novoslobodskaya station and a visit to the most beautiful metro station in the world, Mayakovskaya, a small metro tour will bring you to visit them all.

Top Tip: At Kurskaya Station, look for the left-wing slogans on the walls.

Location: Meeting point is near the Kutafia Tower, the entrance to the Kremlin

Communist Moscow Evening Walking Tour

Taking an evening walking tour with a guide is a must for anyone interested in the history of the Soviet-era Russia. You will be taken on an historical ride from the beginning of the cold war to the revolution. You will get to see the former headquarters of the KGB, Revolution Square, historical monuments and landmarks and more. You will also see historical buildings such as the Bolshoi theatre and the Gulag Museum, so make sure you bring your camera.

Top Tip: This tour covers a lot of ground, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

Location: Lubyanka Square at the Solovetsky Stone

Monino Aviation Museum Tour

Monino Aviation Museum
Image by: EmilioPastor/

This private tour of the Monino Aviation Museum is a real treat for everyone, adults and children alike. Your tour guide is likely to be a former military pilot and will show you over 160 air-crafts including planes, helicopters, gliders and much more.

Top Tip: If you you are a photographer, when booking the tour make sure it covers the special ticket needed to take pictures inside the museum.

M. Gorkiy Central Park of Culture and Recreation

This park is the perfect respite for when you need a break from touring the city. The expansive area has plenty of activities for adults and families. Rent bikes and cycle around to visit the sites, go on a boat ride up the river, visit the pheasant house or bring the kids to the playground. There are plenty of places to eat and drink in the park, so make a day out of it and visit the musicians at the fountain in the summer or go ice-skating in the winter.

Top Tip: The squirrels in the park are very friendly and will run down the trees to you if they think you will feed them.

Location: Krymskiy Val St., 9, Moscow 119049

Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theater
Image by: anshar/

When most people think of Moscow, they think of the Bolshoi Theatre. This iconic building has undergone a large renovation in recent years and it’s opulence and splendour is unrivalled. Ticket prices vary for the different shows and seats. Be aware, they sell out fast, so make sure you book early. Whether it is the ballet or the opera, a show at the Bolshoi is something you will remember for years to come.

Top Tip: If you can’t find tickets for the show of your choice, or you don’t want to see a show at all, you can book a private, out of opening hours tour.

Location: 1 Teatralnyy Proyezd, Moscow, Russia

Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery

Novodevichy Convent
Image by: sinat/

The Novodevichy Convent is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has remained almost untouched since the 17th century. The beautiful convent has several different components for you to explore including the very beautiful Cathedral of the Virgin of Smolensk. When you are finished exploring the convent, you will visit the Novodevichy Cemetery. This is the resting place for some of the most famous Russians including composers, writers, politicians, scientists and more.

Top Tip: There is likely a woman inside the gate of the cemetery who will sell you a map of the graves for a small fee, to help you find who you are looking for.

Location: 1, Novodevich’ya Naberezhnaya | Metro: Sportivnaya, Moscow 119435, Russia


When you are looking for something a little different after traipsing around the cultural sites and attractions in Moscow, the Cubiculum is something new and different. You and up to three team-mates will enter a room and gather clues to solve mysteries and save the world. The puzzles are fun and the staff make the game very enjoyable.

Top Tip: If you think you will have trouble finding the location, a staff member will meet you at Dmitrevskaja station if you ask.

Location: B. Novodmitrovskaya St., 36, Bldg, 3, Moscow 127015

There is always something to see and do in Moscow whether you like to visit historical sites, beautiful buildings, experience some culture or sit back and relax and take in a show, Moscow has it all.

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