Top 12 Best Things to Do in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls ZImbabwe

Zimbabwe’s unique environment is one of its biggest attractions. From breathtaking water bodies to humongous national parks, the country is full of custom-made adventures for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers.

Bungee jumping, canoeing safaris, freshwater fishing, golf, African safaris, trekking, hiking, we’re just getting started! Those looking for some R&R won’t feel disappointed either. With so many places to choose from, it becomes difficult to shortlist a few to add into your itineraries. To make things easier, Bookmundi reviews the top 12 best things to do in Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls (Above Image)

Victoria Falls, one of the best natural wonders of the world, was made famous by British explorer Dr. David Livingstone in the year 1885, and its popularity hasn’t dwindled ever since. Acting as a natural border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls drops from a height of as much as 108 m (roughly twice the height of the Niagara Falls in the US) to create a spray of water which easily ranks as one of the most spectacular sights you’ve ever seen. Visiting the falls is incredibly romantic and you can walk along Victoria Falls Bridge, now a popular bungee-jumping destination as well.

Balancing Rocks

Balancing Rocks
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Balancing rocks can be found all over the country, but the ones in Epworth, located at a 20-minute drive from Harare, are the most famous. These rocks are the second most popular tourist destination in the country and also find a place in the local currency. Apart from offering a unique insight into wonders of nature that somehow seem to defy gravity, these rocks have also been used to explain the importance of development without compromising on the protection and preservation of the fragile Zimbabwean environment.


Bulawayo, one of the main commercial and tourist centers of Zimbabwe, is home to the world famous National Museum. It is also located close to other travel highlights such as the Khami ruins, and the Rhodes Matopos National Park, known for its humongous granite boulders. Colonial era architecture, historic sites, tree-lined avenues, exciting cuisines and great shopping opportunities also make Bulawayo a popular tourist destination.

Hwange National Park Safari

Hwange National Park
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The Hwange National Park Safari, previously known as the Wankie National Park, is the largest national park in the country, both in terms of its animal and bird population and in terms of size. The Hwange National Park Safari is mostly popular as one of the greatest elephant sanctuaries in Africa as more than 40000 elephants are known to live here. Apart from elephant sightings, these safaris also bring you closer to 100 mammal species such as the rhino, leopard and lion. Hwange National Park Safari is incredibly accessible and you can choose from day and night game drives or walking safaris. Bookmundi recommends you to visit the park between the months of August to October.

Zambezi River Cruise

River Zambesi Tour
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Zambezi River Cruise lets you explore the mopane forest and savannah regions of the Zambezi River and presents a wide spectrum of African wildlife. The area is brimming with herds of sable antelopes and is also home to lions, elephants and giraffes. The main entrance to the park is located very close to the Victoria Falls town and you can choose from game drives, fishing expeditions and guided hikes.

World’s View

Malindidzimu Hill, or World’s View, ranks as one of the most breathtaking sites of Zimbabwe. This magnificent destination offers unparalleled 360-degree views and presents an inspired level of peacefulness. The peaceful and serene surrounding makes you feel completely at ease and refreshes your mind. The multi-colored lichen, giant boulders and rainbow-stripped lizards also make World’s View feel as if it has been transported from another planet.

Mana Pools National Park

Elephants walking
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The Mana Pools National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the country. Located along the shores of the Zambezi River, the park is home to all kinds of animals such as hippos, rhinos, buffalo, antelope and elephants. Numerous species of birds can be seen along the river and game-viewing on foot is also allowed.

Elephant’s Walk Shopping & Artist Village

Elephant’s Walk Shopping & Artist Village is a must-visit for those searching for quality African crafts. This unique shopping destination presents a variety of boutique galleries and stores that aim to promote local artists and offer tourists a genuine and reliable destination wherein they can purchase the most authentic crafts. You can also enjoy some of the locally brewed Zimbabwean coffee and sample tasty delicacies at the Coffee Shop.


Harare Zimbabwe
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Harare, formerly known as Salisbury, is the capital of Zimbabwe and the starting point for most travelers visiting the country. Popularly called Sunshine City, Harare is extremely clean and sophisticated and has everything you could expect in a modern-day cosmopolitan city. It is characterized by beautiful parks, contemporary architecture and flowering trees and presents a beautiful culture and thriving nightlife as well. Local highlights include the Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens, Lion & Cheetah Park and the Lavron Bird Gardens.

Zambezi River Rafting Trip

If river cruises sound boring, why not opt for a rafting adventure instead. River rafting is a far better way of getting your adrenaline rush when compared to activities such as bungee-jumping because it gives you the best of two worlds – adventure and natural beauty. The Zambezi River lets you take on some of the biggest navigable rapids on the world, and this makes the prospect of white-water rafting even more exciting. Zambezi River Rafting trips range from one day to three days.

Chinhoyi Caves

Located close to the Chivero National Park is an impressive natural structure known as the Chinhoyi Caves. This group of caves hosts a fascinating collection of embedded fossils that are truly worth a watch. The biggest highlight is the Sleeping Pool, a crystal clear lake that dives to depths of 130m and presents an exciting diving site.

Great Zimbabwe National Monument

Great Zimbabwe Monument
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Great Zimbabwe National Monument, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, the capital of the Queen of Sheba and an important trading station during the Middle Ages. Legends have it that Great Zimbabwe was once used as a playground by giants, and a simple peek over this steep hill is more than enough to make you understand why. It is also known to be one of the most important and most visited historical sites in Africa.

Decades of violence and crime gave Zimbabwe a bad rap, but tourism is finally coming back in droves. Visitors are returning in large numbers to explore the Big Five and wander around UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient ruins, national parks and old-world towns. A trip to Zimbabwe takes you through a seductive collection of landscapes and Bookmundi helps you choose the best tours and adventures that let you enjoy these attractions to the fullest.

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